CDI Coil Quick View

CDI Coil

Emtron Emtron Ignition
Description Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) or thyristor ignition is a type of automotive electronic ignition. The capacitive-discharge ignition uses capacitor discharge current to the...
Emtron CDI-4 Quick View

Emtron CDI-4

Emtron Emtron Ignition
Emtron’s CDI-4 is a 4 channel ignition amplifire which is capable of lightning any spark in any environment.
Emtron CDI-8 Quick View

Emtron CDI-8

Emtron Emtron Ignition
Emtron’s 8 channel ignition amplifier good for any V8 full sequential cylinder firing.
IGN-1A Coil Quick View

IGN-1A Coil

Emtron Emtron Ignition
IGN1A IGBT Coils have a 19 amp IGBT ignitor built in and can be driven with a 5 volt logic level output Normally, we use...

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