Wandering Gaijin Tuning Waiver, Disclaimer & Absolute Release

  1. As the “Customer” I hereby represent that I have read and completed the required procedures and checks and that I have full authority to authorize the testing/tuning of this vehicle and to enter into this Waiver/Release.

________ Initial

  1. I am aware that all tests are intended to be and will be at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle, thus applying stress similar to that which the vehicle would experience during operation on the road/track and is therefore susceptible to the same risks as on the road/track which may cause engine, power train and/or tire/wheel failure or damage.

________ Initial

  1. As the “Customer” I know and accept the risk of tuning my vehicle.

________ Initial

  1. As the “Customer” I hereby represent that I know the condition of the vehicle and I assure that it is in acceptable condition to submit to tuning. I have been advised that Wandering Gaijin Tuning does not know, nor assumes any such knowledge of the condition of the vehicle being tested/tuned and I nevertheless, agree to have my vehicle submitted to tuning. As the “Customer” I represent that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full throttle performance during any testing/tuning being performed.

________ Initial

  1. Therefore, I hereby release Wandering Gaijin Tuning from any liability of any nature for damage or other losses which may be sustained as a result of the testing/tuning during the tuning session.

________ Initial


Please complete ALL of the following vehicle information

Vehicle Make __________________________

Vehicle Model & Year _______________________

Engine Type ___________________________

Rev Limit Requested _______________________

Transmission __________________________

Auto or Manual ____________________________

Plate # _______________________________

Turbo, S.C. or N/A __________________________


Wandering Gaijin Tuning. Reserves the right to decline or discontinue Tuning services for any reason at any time. By signing this waiver, the customer authorizes Wandering Gaijin Tuning to operate the vehicle in the manner and to the limits stated above. With my signature, I agree to all conditions, risk and self-liability of my vehicle and agree to hold Wandering Gaijin Tuning free from any liability and cause of action, which might arise from the use of my vehicle on said equipment.

PRINTED NAME: ___________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________

DATE: ___________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ___________________________

PHONE # _____________________


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